The Lakes

Nestled on a rolling hill overlooking the quiet shores of beautiful Nest Lake’s Dragonfly Bay, your Retreat provides you with a unique opportunity to enjoy not one but two of Minnesota’s premier recreational lakes: Picturesque 1008 acre Nest Lake and Majestic 5,560 acre Green Lake.

Accessible to Dragonfly Bay via two separate private docks, you will find that Nest Lake boasts wonderful fishing, numerous secluded bays, over ten miles of deeply wooded shorelines and a quiet air of serenity and spaciousness. In the morning you may find yourself greeted by resident flocks of pelicans, blue herons and egrets while at night you may be serenaded to sleep by the romantic evening song of loons or the warm glow of a robust fire in the lakeside fire pit.

On the other hand, mighty Green Lake’s busiest marina is only a leisurely three-minute stroll away. The king of Central Minnesota’s lakes, Green Lake sports the state’s finest venue for water sports of all kinds-speed boating, water-skiing and scuba diving in the summer, ice fishing, snow-mobiling and ice skating in the winter.

One advantage to keep in mind- you can be the life of the party while you’re on Green Lake but at night, when it’s time to rest, you can come home to the quiet and hospitality of The Retreat.  Unlike homes directly on Green Lake, you can retire in the evening and rise in the morning on your own schedule without ever having to worry about being bothered by unruly or overzealous revelers. At The Retreat-your time is your own!

So, if you want to be on the water, The Retreat on Dragon Fly Bay has it all! Quiet or boisterous, relaxed or energetic- your wish is our command!